Classic trips by rail

Classic Days was formed in the early 90s out of the since disbanded John Player Railway Club by two of its former organisers.
Initially it provided day trips from the Nottingham area, usually to seaside locations in the traditional style, some steam hauled and some deisel.

Later tours became more adventurous, and went further afield, but the advent of rail privatisation, and restrictions on steam haulage eventually caused Classic Days to withdraw from its initial market.

It decided to combine its resources with those of Green Express and Railtourer Limited in providing interesting and exciting day trips and extended mini-holidays, and it continues to act in the capacity of local agent for these companies.

The most recent venture was the five day rail/sea/raoad cruise to Aberdeen, Orkney and Shetland from 29 June 01 to 3 July 01.

The local contact is Terry Thorpe, Carlton, Nottingham, who can be reached be email at EMAILfor further information.

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Classic Days

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